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Welcome to the website for Carmen Barral,  Alexander Technique teacher in Hanwell,  London W7, Ealing W5 and Central London.

The Alexander Technique

A skill for life We are all born with a natural grace that, when we are very young, enables us to move effortlessly. However, as we grow older, all sorts of things in our daily lives – physical and emotional experiences, learned behaviour, lifestyle and personal circumstances – interfere with this. These gradually become bad habits, ones so ingrained that we are hardly aware of them.

Before long, our bodies stop working properly. The result: back, neck and shoulder pain, stress, stiffness, breathlessness and poor co-ordination. Eventually we end up looking, feeling and even thinking old instead of moving gracefully as we once did.

A voyage of discovery

Is this decline inevitable? Absolutely not. The way our bodies work can be greatly improved by learning the Alexander Technique, a practical self-help method through which our neuro-muscular system is re-educated.

The Alexander Technique can help in many different ways:
  • it alleviates conditions associated with tension and poor posture 
  • it produces greater poise and balance 
  • it helps people to manage stress
  • it accelerates recovery following injury or illness
  • it allows disabled people to cope better. 

Essentially the Technique improves the way we use ourselves – mind and body – in everyday life, how we move, rest, breathe, talk and react. Learning it can become a voyage of discovery that will help you for the rest of your life.

Rosen Method

I am also a Rosen Method (somatic therapy) Practitioner Intern. Please visit for more information.